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Areas of Practice

Medicaid Asset Protection

When it becomes necessary for a loved one to have more help in the home, or even to enter a Nursing Home, all is not lost.  There are ways to manage  your assets and protect them from potential Medicaid claims in the future.  Allow Christina to discuss your options, and don't let the naysayers convince you that you will lose your home.  There is always something that can be done to help maintain some or all of your hard work's legacy.  Don't wait -- Call Christina today.


You have worked hard to get to where you are today.  You should not leave anything to chance, leaving the possibility that a loved one will not receive the gift of love you wish to leave when you depart this life.  Writing a will is not a scary or morbid thing, but a tool to protect the ones you love.  Call Christina to discuss your options and make a plan for every contingency.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are extremely important documents, not only for each of us as we age, but even for the youngest of adults.  If something happens to you when you are 18, who will take care of things for you?  With the privacy laws of today, it is all but impossible to obtain information, pay bills, work with creditors, doctors, insurers or anyone who might need to hear from you when you are incapacitated.  Your Agent in your Power of Attorney can take care of matters as soon  as it becomes necessary .  Don't wait---Your peace of mind depends on it. 

Family Matters

It is always the hope of Christina Fleury that a family can be reconciled and avoid divorce.  However, when that unhappy event seems inevitable, Christina can speak to you regarding your options and help you to find a path to separation that lessens the hurt to your children and your family along the way.  Of course  divorce is difficult, but it is always the  policy and goal of Christina to make the process, with your help, as peaceful  and amicable as possible.  

Criminal Matters

Christina Fleury is an experienced trial attorney, and understands that even good people can get caught up in the criminal justice system and require some zealous advocacy.  Christina is not a stranger to jury trials and is happy to go in that direction when necessary.  Plea bargains are sometimes the better way to go for a client, but always, it is the client's ultimate decision to decide how to move forward, taking Christina's advice and making the best decision for his or her family, life and future.


When a loved one departs this life leaving assets which require probate, Christina Fleury will help you from beginning to end, starting the Probate process with you, advertising the estate, and helping you to make decisions about disposition of the assets and the payment of liabilities.  She will see to it that the beneficiaries are notified and will complete the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return.  It is a difficult thing to lose a loved one.  Don't make it more difficult by trying to handle matters on your own.  Let Christina help you through the process, honoring the past, protecting the present and concluding the process with the dignity your loved ones and you deserve.

First Step

Attorney Christina Fleury Will Help You To Take The Steps That Lead To Your Goals

The first step in getting the results you need is always to make the best plan with the greatest tools you have.  

Understanding the law and listening to you so that your circumstances are thoroughly recognized and appreciated, 

we can chart a path together and make a plan to help you move forward toward your goals.